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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

01 - What is the difference between the treatment for humans and the treatment for pets?

The only difference is the vibrational frequency. Animals vibrate at a higher frequency then humans.

02 - How often pets are treated in this Project?

In 2020, there will be 5 Presential Spiritual Surgerys for animals, in the months of january, march, june, september and december.

05 - Which animal species can be treated?

Every animal species can be treated.

06 - Does the pet need a specific vaccination to be treated?

For the animal to be treated, all its vaccines must be up to date.

08 - Why the tutor (owner) must also be treated?

Pets absorb their tutor’s energies. To guarantee the effectiveness of the treatment the tutor (owner) must also be treated.

09 - What are the procedures for the Distance Spiritual Treatment? Where must the pet stay?

On the day before the Spiritual Surgery, the animal must be kept in its regular routine.

10 - Why should I treat my pet?

To have a good life quality. P.S.: These treatments do not intend to prolong the animal’s life.

11 - In case my pet has taken any medication, can it still be treated?

The ingestion of medications is not an impediment to treatment of the animal.

12 - How many pets can request for treatment?

Only one animal can be registered per tutor.

15 - Where is realized the animal treatment?

The animal treatment is realized in the city of Vespasiano, in Minas Gerais, Brazil.

16 - Where can I take a more specific question regarding the animal treatment?

To answer questions not found in frequently asked questions, send an email to our Contact Us, through the link

17 - Is it possible to update the details? How can I do it?

In the Pet de Luz tab click on “My Treatments”. There you can see all the treatments you have subscribed for (In person and Distance Treatments, Prayer for the animal and Prayer for the tutor), click on the treatment you subscribed, scroll down the page and you will see the Update button.