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Charity work

The Group runs many different charity campaigns throughout the year according to the needs of the communities and institutions assisted. The institutions are public kindergartens, institutions for mentally and physically disabled and nursing homes.


Itinerant Anjos de Luz – The Anjos de Luz Group is going to schedule In Person Spiritual Surgery in other cities in Brazil. This project will begin in 2020 in some cities in Minas Gerais state and later expanding throughout Brazil.

Anjos de Luz Without Borders - – The Anjos de Luz Group is going to schedule In Person Spiritual Surgery in other countries. This project has been already carried on in Bolivia, Chile, Spain, Peru.

Some of our charity campaigns

- January – March: School Supplies
- April – July: Winter clothes
- August – September: Children’s Day 12th October
- October – December: Christmas

The institutions are public kindergartens, institutions for mentally and physically disabled, nursing homes, social projects and non-profit organizations that assist vulnerable communities.

The Construction of our Home/Headquarters – This space will expand our capacity to help people who count on our spiritual and material help.

Count on us

Assistance to those who need a message of care, faith, optimism. To participate, send us a message through the Contact Us

Good Fluids

It is a program to treat the pets that we love so much even more.Did you see that your pet is sad, tired, without energy? Send us a message through the Contact Us


The Anjos de Luz Group does psychography works according to the Gospel and the Spiritist Doctrine.

It can be required only at the In-Person Treatment by filling a specific form. The psychography is handed in the next month to the requester and in case the requester does not pick it up, it is kept for two months only, being discarded afterwards.

Be part of our mediumship learning and enhancement program

Applicants who wish to join the group can submit their interest.
They must:

1 - Attend to at least six meetings. These meetings are designed to develop the person’s mediunity and allow the beginning of this person within the group.

2 - Attend to six In-Person Medical-Spiritual Treatments in order to harmonize with the works of the Group;

3 - Be assiduous, always on time, kind and respectful at the meetings, workshops and treatment days;

4 - Submit availability. They are going to be subsequently interviewed and evaluated by Dr. Helmuth and his team.

5 - Advanced Mediums coming from other Spiritist houses go through and evaluation and an interview by Dr. Helmuth and his team prior to join the group.

6 - Underaged people must have a signed written permission given by the parents.

Study Group

• Mediums Development

Every month there are courses, workshops and meetings aimed at the development and the improvement of the volunteers’ mediunity. These meetings are ministered by Dr. Helmuth and the Medical-Spiritual Team from The Grande Coração and Astheriãn.

1) Individual Reading
The Gospel According to the Spiritism – Allan Kardec

2) Individual Study
• Mediunity without Tears - Eliseu Rigonatti
• Mediunity – Edgar Armond
• Healing Hands – Joseph Bernard Hutton
• The Spirit’s Book – Allan Kardec
• The Medium’s Book – Allan Kardec
• Pranic Healing - Choa Kok Sui
• Advanced Pranic Healing - Choa Kok Sui
• Hands of Light - Bárbara Ann Brennan

3) Yearly reading
Every year a book is chosen to be studied along the year, aimed at developing the mediunity.

Contact us

If you have any compliment, suggestion, question or complaint, please fill in the following form to contact us.Thank you.

ATTENTION: The spiritual surgery from distance requests submitted by the Contact us will be deleted.


1160, Cristina Street, Sao Pedro - Belo Horizonte – Minas Gerais, Brazil - Zip code: 30.330-228