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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

01 - What is the Grupo Anjos de Luz?

The Anjos de Luz Group is a religious institution that provides spiritual surgery to anyone seeking help and comfort to ease spiritual, physical, mental, emotional and moral unbalance, allowing people to regain motivation in life.

All the treatments and assistances provided are complementary and do not substitute nor exempt any medical, psychological or other treatments whatsoever.

02 - Who is Dr. Helmuth?

Dr. Helmuth is the Group’s Spiritual Mentor. More information in this link:

03 - Are there any Grupo Anjos de Luz representatives in other countries?

The Grupo Anjos de Luz has no representatives in other countries, only in Brazil, the institution’s home country. The treatments to other countries are made through distance and it can be required through the website:

04 - Is it possible to be part of the Anjos de Luz Group?

Yes, it is. To do that, it is necessary to live in Belo Horizonte - Brazil, for at least six months, to be prepared, evaluated and then receive the approval from Doctor Helmuth and the Spiritual Medical Team.

More information in the links below:

06 - How does Grupo Anjos de Luz maintain the activities and social campaigns?

The Grupo Anjos de Luz can only maintain and carry out its social assistance activities thanks to the contribution of its members, the donations received and the sale of products developed in order to raise funds for the Group’s social works. The products are available in the city of Belo Horizonte.

It is important to remember that all treatments provided by the Grupo Anjos de Luz are free.

07 - What is the campaign to build the Group’s Home?

The Grupo Anjos de Luz is raising funds to build a headquarters in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

With the construction of its own place, the group will have a more adequate space to carry out its assistance, being able to provide more days and times to the treatments and welcome more people. In addition, in the new space it will be provided classes, courses, lectures and the pet project for the animals and their owners.

08 - Where is the in-person treatment?

The in-person treatment happens in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil, on the fourth Saturday of each month.

09 - I do not live in Brazil but would like to subscribe for the in-person treatment. Is it possible?

Yes, it is. You need to book your time and confirm your appointment. Once that is done you will need to send through the “Contact Us” a copy of the airline tickets and/or a hotel booking at least twenty days prior the date of the treatment. We emphasize that The Anjos de Luz Group does not take any responsibility on any travel and/or accommodation costs, arrangements and bookings, neither charge for any treatment provided.

10 - What is the Grupo Anjos de Luz official webpage and social networking sites?

The Group’s official webpage and social networking sites are:


Facebook: Grupo Anjos de Luz/MG - 


Twitter: @GrupoAnjosLuz 

YouTube: Grupo Anjos de Luz

There are no others. These are the only media vehicles used by the group for promotion and communication.

11 - What are the available languages on the website? How do I change it?

There are three available languages on our website: Portuguese, Spanish and English. To change the language you just need to click on the flag of the corresponding country/language on the top right corner.

12 - How should I use the Contact Us?

You can send a compliment, suggestion, complaint, question, or request guidance. But, before sending a message, check that the questions are no longer answered in the "Frequently Asked Questions" (

ATTENTION: Requests for spiritual treatment sent through the "Contact Us" will be redirected to the website.

13 - Can I request a psychography through the “Contact Us”?

No. Psychography can be requested only at the in-person treatment that happens on the fourth Saturday of each month in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil. You can find more information on the link below.

14 - I requested a treatment through the “Contact us” and didn’t get a reply. Why?

All the requests made through the “Contact us” are excluded.

15 - How do I subscribe to a treatment on the website?

First, you have to access the website Second, at the top right of the page click on “Login or Create an Account”.

You can create an account using your Facebook, Google account or your email address. You need to choose a username and click on “Sign up”.

Note: We suggest writing your username for you not to forget.

You will receive an email from us with a password and a link in order to complete your registration. Write your password and then click the link in the email that you received.

Done! You have registered on our website. Once you are logged in, you must “Subscribe” for any treatment you wish.

16 - I registered on the site, but I did not receive the password. How long does it take for me to receive it in my email? Is it possible to request the return of the e-mail?

The email with the password is forwarded automatically. Make sure the email has dropped into the spam box. If it is not in the spam box, it is likely that you have filled in your registration with the wrong email. In this case, we recommend that you make a new registration on the site.

If you wish to request a reshipment, please visit the link:

17 - I checked the “Spam” and the email from the Group is not there. Is it possible to request an email resending?

Yes. You can do it through this link 

The email with the password is forwarded automatically. Make sure the email has dropped into the spam box. If it is not in the spam box it is likely that you have made a mistake when placing your email. We recommend that you re-register on the site.

18 - I forgot my password. How can I recover it?

First you need to enter the site In the upper right corner click on "LOGIN".

Then click: "Forgot password"?

Then place the registered email and click "continue".

The password will be sent to your e-mail.

After following these steps, you will receive an email from the Angels of Light Group containing a link. After clicking on the link, a field will appear: "Reset your password".

Choose a new password and click "finish".

19 - How can I subscribe for treatments?

First you need to enter the site, enter your login and password. (See question 15)

In the Treatments Menu, choose the treatment you want by clicking on it and then click: sign up".

Fill in all the requested information and click: “Request".

20 - I tried to subscribe for a treatment but the vacancies were sold out, what should I do?

The reason is that there are a limited number of vacancies available per week, but every week more vacancies are made available. Try again next week.

The treatment requests are done only through this link

21 - Can I subscribe for more than one treatment?

Yes, you can. You can subscribe up to 10 treatments for you and your family.

22 - Can I subscribe a relative without her/his acknowledgement?

No, you cannot. The treatment will not achieve the expected results if the person does not allow and/or acknowledge the treatment.

It is allowed only for children or unconscious adults in a coma state.

We recommend a Personal Prayer request for a person from the family that you want to help.

24 - I am being treated by another Spiritist group; can I request a treatment with the Grupo Anjos de Luz?

No. In order to respect the spirituality you must choose a group and be treated only with that group until the end of the treatment.

25 - I didn’t receive the email confirming the treatment. How do I know that I am going to be treated? How do I get informed about the procedures, and the treatment dates?

Go to and login.

On the Treatments tab, click on “ My Treatments”. There you will have all the treatments you have subscribed for ( for example: In-person and Distance Treatments, Personal and Homeward Radiation).

Click on the treatment you subscribed for and you will see all the information related to it like dates, procedures etc.

26 - Is it possible to update my details? How can I do it?

Go to and login.

In the Treatments tab click on “My Treatments”. There you can see all the treatments you have subscribed for (Spiritual Surgery in Person, Spiritual Surgery from Distance, Personal Prayer, Homeward Prayer), click on the treatment you subscribed, scroll down the page and you will see the UPDATE button.

27 - I need to update my address, how can I do it?

It is possible to change the address initially registered.

The change of address is recommended only if it is permanent or lasts during the chosen service time.

First you need to enter the site, enter your login and password.

In the Treatments Menu click on My Treatments, then click on the treatment you want to change the address and you will have access to the green button - CHANGE - at the bottom of the page.

28 - I no longer want to undergo the treatment, how can I cancel it?

Go to and login.

In the Treatments tab click on “My Treatments”. There you can see all the treatments you have subscribed for (In person and Distance Treatments, Personal and Homeward Radiation), click on the treatment you subscribed to, scroll down the page and you will see the Cancel button.

29 - What is “Postal Code or Zip Code”?

It is a series of letters or digits or both, sometimes including spaces or punctuation, included in a postal address for the purpose of sorting mail.

30 - What is the price of the treatments?

All the treatments and assistance provided by the Anjos de Luz Group are free of charge. 

Important Note: The treatments provided by the Anjos de Luz Group are complementary and DO NOT substitute nor exempt any medical, psychological or other treatments whatsoever. We recommend visiting a doctor near your house and following the recommended medical treatment.

31 - Does the Grupo Anjos de Luz forward reports and/or diagnoses during or after spiritual surgery? How soon can I get my health back?

During spiritual surgery, no information about the diagnosis and/or situation of the patients is passed on.

There are some types of diseases that affect people:

1 - Genetic disease (the person is born with it); 

2 - Karmic disease (the person is born with it or it arises at a certain stage of his life); 

3 - Diseases caused by the person himself by the misuse of the physical body (several factors, among them: absence of healthy diet, absence of physical exercise, excessive use of drinks, inappropriate use of certain foods and others).

All pre existing diseases, or not, are treated according to the will of God and according to the worthiness of the patient. To achieve success, it depends on Faith and Merit. Miracles belong only to God, only God can do them.

32 - Can I be treated during my period?

Yes, that doesn’t interfere.

33 - I did not receive the prayer in my e-mail. What should I do?

You WILL NOT receive any prayer in your e-mail. You must choose a prayer that you like, that brings you peace and in case you do not know any prayer, you can find some on the link below.

34 - What are the days and times of Remote Spiritual Surgery?

Remote Spiritual Surgery occurs 2 (twice) times a month according to the schedule of care in your country. The calendar can be found on our website:

It will always be from 11:00 to 11:30 at the official time of the patient’s country.

35 - I work at night, how can I undergo the treatment?

In the case of patients who work at the time of spiritual surgery, it is possible to request a change in the time or day of care. For this, you must send, through the Contact Us, the work voucher (stating the time).

38 - On the day of Remote Spiritual Surgery should I use a sheet with a specific color? Should the light be off and the window closed?

You can use a light colored sheet. We suggest the colors: white, light yellow, light blue, light green, light pink, etc.

The light can remain on or off, according to the patient’s wish and the windows can be open or closed, this does not interfere with the care.

39 - To receive Spiritual Surgery at a Distance the patient needs to be alone in the room and sleeping? What should other residents do if they are not receiving treatment?

It’s okay to share a room with someone, as long as the roommate or companion is silent. If you are sleepless you can stay awake, preferably in prayer.

Other residents can follow their normal routines. If they want, they can pray, since prayers are always welcome.

40 - Is it necessary to take rest after remote spiritual surgery?

Yes. Distance Spiritual Surgery happens at night because it is a period of relaxation. If you need to get up, only do so 30 minutes after the end of the service.

41 - Are pets and mobile phones allowed in the room?

Animals cannot be in the room. The mobile phone can stay in the room as long as it is off.

43 - .What should be the container of fluidized water and how should I take it?

The water can be mineral or filtered. The receptacle may be made of plastic or transparent glass, preferably colourless, and shall be capped with the receptacle’s own lid.

You will take 50 mL in the morning and 50 mL before bed, until all the water in the bottle is finished.

Attention: do not store in the refrigerator.

The water may eventually present pimples.

If that happens, no problem.

44 - If the patient is a baby, does the person who uses a probe to eat or in hospitalized condition also need to take fluidized water?

Babies and people who use feeding probes or who have difficulty swallowing or restriction on water consumption DO NOT need to drink the fluidized water.

The family will be able to say prayers during the duration of the distant spiritual treatment performed on that day.

45 - How often should I sunbathe?

You can sunbathe every day even when it is clouded. You just need to do it for 3 minutes, one minute and a half facing the sun and the other minute and a half with the backs to the sun, leaving parts of the body exposed to sunlight like arms and legs, if possible. Use this moment to connect with nature. Sunlight is extremely good to re-establish the vital energy.

46 - Does the spiritual surgery have any side effects?

Spiritual surgeries do not generate, after its completion, any symptoms or discomfort. Keep the faith and follow past directions, all of which are very important during spiritual treatment.

47 - I forgot the day of the spiritual surgery and I did not prepare for it. What should I do?

The following spiritual surgeries will remain in accordance with the orientations. If you missed any treatment days, keep getting ready for the next scheduled days.

We warn you that your treatment may not have the same effect when you fail to do so as directed.

48 - I didn’t follow all the previous guidelines for Remote Spiritual Surgery, what should I do?

Remote Spiritual Surgery will be performed normally and there will be no interruption. So if you have not followed all the guidelines be prepared to receive the Spiritual Surgery at a distance and in the next care follow the previous guidelines.

We warn that your treatment may not have the same effect when you fail to do so according to the given guidelines.

49 - I do Reiki, and other holistic therapies. Can they be performed together with spiritual treatment?

There is no problem receiving other complementary therapy or additional treatments during the Distance Spiritual Surgery. As long as it is not given by another spiritual group. You must choose one of the groups to continue your treatment.